28 June 2008

[_New Acc_]

dis is my new blog, actually before dis i'm using blogdrive but because of certain reason i have to change.i'm at home now, i think it's about 2 month i'm not posting anything, bz at home. well, during dis holiday i'm working as a kindergarten teacher for a while, just for helping my 'cik na'. she having a problem with teacher, i mean lack of teacher.
for da first time in my life i know how hard it is to be a teacher, kindergarten teacher. it is not easy to handle a children, much more difficult than i ever thought, being dat kind of teacher u have to be very expert in handling a children, more than dat u have to std how to attract their attention and make them obey what u say...it's not easy..huh..
beside dat during dis holiday, i take driving lesson, insyaallah, before da end of uni holiday i manage to get P license if i pass all da driving test with jpj. actually today i have driving lesson but because i'm not feeling well, dat lesson have to be postpone..huhuhu.

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