15 March 2011

Terharu teramat sesangat!!!.....Japan is truly amazing!!


Hari ni aku tergerak jari nak posting sebab terbaca satu post kawan aku share dekat facebook. Sejak 2 3 hari ni mood mmg kucar kacir sikit, susah nk explain tapi macam dah xde feeling, stone jer rase.

Siyesly lepas aku baca mende nih, sume feeling datang balik..hahhaa, hiperbola sgt.. tapi kawan-kawan, klik la link ni yer
Japan Quake as Seen from Twitter (Translated by me so quality questionable).

Memang tabik spring dgn orang-orang jepun, berharap sangat kita rakyat malaysia dapat mencontohi sifat murni orang-orang jepun ni. Insyaallah kalau kita boleh macam ni, datang ape2 dugaan sekalipun, dengan izin Allah pasti dapat kita kuat semangat macam diorang jgk. So, kawan2..xrugi tau spend cket masa, aku yakin korang pun akan rasa apa yg aku rasa nanti.

Ni aku share cket ape yg tertulis kat note tu:

* 日本人の良さを再認識


こ の地震が、きっかけになって、失いかけていた日本人本来の良さが戒間見れた気がする。犯罪はする様子はなく、助け合い、律儀、紳士的。普段日本人は冷たい 人が多い…。って個人的に感じてるんだけど、多くの人が今回で「絆」を取り戻しつつあるように見えて、それがなんか感動して、泣けてくる。

Reminded of the goodness of the Japanese people

This earthquake has reminded me of that Japanese goodness that had recently become harder and harder to see. Today I see no crime or looting: I am reminded once again of the good Japanese spirit of helping one another, of propriety, and of gentleness. I had recently begun to regard my modern countrymen as cold people … but this earthquake has revived and given back to all of us the spirit of “kizuna” (bond, trust, sharing, the human connection). I am very touched. I am brought to tears.

* 声をかけること


昨 日、裏の家の高1になるお兄ちゃんに感動した。 家に1人で居たらしく、地震後すぐ自転車で飛び出し近所をひと回り。 【大丈夫ですか―――!?】と道路に逃げてきた人達にひたすら声掛けてた。あの時間には老人や母子しか居なかったから、声掛けてくれただけでもホッとした よ。 ありがとう。

A strong voice

Yesterday, I was impressed and touched by the actions of my neighbor’s 13-year-old-boy. He was home alone when the earthquake hit. But instead of hiding, as soon as the earthquake quieted down, he jumped on his bicycle and road around the block repeatedly shouting at the top of his voice, “Is everyone alright? Is everyone okay?” At the time, there were only women and children and the elderly in the homes. I cannot describe how comforting it was just to hear a strong voice asking if I was okay. Thank you!

* 開放


昨 日、歩いて帰ろうって決めて甲州街道を西へ向かっていて夜の21時くらいなのに、ビルの前で会社をトイレと休憩所として解放してる所があった。社員さんが 大声でその旨を歩く人に伝えていた。感動して泣きそうになった。いや、昨日は緊張してて泣けなかったけど、今思い出してないてる。

Rest here!

Last night, I decided, rather than stay at the office, I should try walking home. So I slowly made my way west on Koshu freeway on foot. It was around 9PM when I saw an office building that had a sign that said “Please use our office’s bathrooms! Please rest here!” The employees of the office were loudly shouting out the same to all the people trying to walk home. I was so touch I felt like crying. Well, I guess I was too tense yesterday to cry, but now the tension is wearing off and am very much in tears.

* 外国人から見た日本人


外 国人から見た地震災害の反応。物が散乱しているスーパーで、落ちているものを律儀に拾い、そして列に黙って並んでお金を払って買い物をする。運転再開した 電車で混んでるのに妊婦に席を譲るお年寄り。この光景を見て外国人は絶句したようだ。本当だろう、この話。すごいよ日本。

What foreigners are saying about Japanese people

At a supermarket where everything was scattered everywhere over the floors, shoppers were helping pick them up and putting them back neatly on the shelves before quietly moving into line to wait to pay for them. On the totally jam-packed first train after the quake, an elderly man gave up his seat for a pregnant woman. Foreigners have told me they are amazed witnessing sights like these. I do believe they actually saw what they said they saw. Japan is truly amazing.

* スーパーでの出来事


スーパーで無事買物出来ましたヽ(´o`; でもお客さんのほとんどが他の人の事を考えて必要最低限しか買わない感じだったのが感動しました(涙)

At the supermarket

I just came back safely from the supermarket! Man, I was so touched at how everyone there was mindful of others, buying only as much as they needed and leaving the rest for the people behind them.

* 御殿場で


実 際日本すごいよ。昨日信号が一カ所も機能していない御殿場市でもお互いにドライバー同士譲り合ってたし、地元のおじいちゃんおばあちゃんが手信号やってく れてたりで、混乱もなく本当感動した。9時間運転してたけど前車を煽るようなドライバーはもちろんいなかったし、みんな譲り合い精神。

Gotenba traffic

Japan is really something! Yesterday, not a single traffic light was functioning in Gotenba City. But drivers knew to take turns at intersections and give way to others when needed. Local people were using flags to direct traffic at intersections. I drove for 9 hours but never saw a single car trying to get in front of another. Every single driver on the road contributed to the traffic situation and as a result there was no confusion at all.

*kredit utk Jun shiomitsu untuk translation.

see see, baguskan..ni baru cket, hope korang baca selebihnya. gud for us too =). Same2 lah kita mendoakan agar mereka disana dpermudahkan segala kesulitan dan moga meraka sentiasa kuat mghadapi dugaan.Thanks sudi jenguk sepatbiru, lain kali singgah lagi. Salam..


intaq said...

huhuu....tharu tol dgn smgt org jpun...hope Malaysian can change that same way...

Najwa Sofwani said...

jom usaha ke arah itu =)

cikcombi said...

aku plg terharu cite bdak kecik 2...hebat woo..bru 13tahun,mak ayah xde umh..tapi dia plg semanagat nk tlg org...ak mmg respect la JAPAN!!


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